Feeling tight on money + time but know that something has got to give to get your yoga business to where you want it to be?

Feeling lost, confused or overwhelmed with how to get to your big visions of leading sold out international yoga retreats, honing in on your ideal client, booking your schedule with private/corporate clients, creating signature online offerings, etc?

Here’s your starting point. I can help you to master your mindset and clarify your goals + visions in this 90 minute Intensive session. We can get you started with the first steps towards your big goals and make sure you are held accountable in achieving them with 2 additional accountability email check ins!

Yoga Business Blueprint Session

90 Min Private Intensive Call with Kelly to support you in organizing your visions into clear, customized action-steps + game plan for your unique business.

+ 2 Accountability Email Check-ins

If you're ready to learn how to get paid in dollar amounts and NOT yoga clothes, define your expertise, speak to your ideal client, build your tribe + online presence and create unique offerings to serve your loyal peeps... it's time to gain the action steps and customized plan to your business - let's set up our 1-on-1 call!

We will define your brand, powerful messaging, create attainable goals, offer effective suggestions to your unique business and create action-steps to elevate your business + brand. This private intensive mentor call is to gain the A-Z steps to achieve your specific goals and pin-point your action-steps to implement into your unique business. You will also receive TWO accountability check-in emails for the next 2 weeks following your call! You may add another 90 minute Mentor Call in on an as-needed-basis when you’re ready to dive even deeper and add on more offerings in your business + brand!

Interested in the 90 Min Private Intensive Call?

*Payment Plans available upon request.

Once booked, follow the link in the confirmation email to schedule your private intensive call!

See what clients are saying:

“It has been such a pleasure working with Kelly! Her energy is infectious and she makes you feel like you can do anything. She is so approachable and helps you clarify your intent and purpose for your business. I had such a great time talking with her and walked away with so much motivation and excitement to move forward with my business plan. She also follows up with smaller action plans to help break down the big picture into smaller attainable steps. I will definitely be scheduling another call with Kelly!” - Amanda K.

“I approached Kelly with questions about refining what I offer and how to include all the important information into my website. She is an absolute pleasure to work with. I committed to the 90 minute intensive call with her and she was kind enough to go a few minutes past the 90 minutes when we didn't reach all of my inquiries. She helped me to realize who my ideal client is and why. I felt so empowered after our phone call and started adding all that I learned into my website! I'm looking forward to working with her again in the near future!” -Kristen P.

Hear what my client said after our Blueprint Session!

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You may also click the button below to schedule your FREE 20 min call with Kelly to clarify your visions + potential blockages to see how I can best serve you, move through what's holding you back, invite in abundance and get paid in dollar amounts that make YOU and your bank account happy, rather than cringe-worthy!

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Hey, I’m Kelly!

These are the things I am most proud of accomplishing in my yoga business over the last 5 years!

  • Led sold out International Yoga Retreats to Columbia + Costa Rica.

  • Grew a large + loyal social media following.

  • First yoga instructor to create, lead + model in my very own collection Tight + Toned II for Asana Rebel.

  • Booked 5k fitness modeling gig.

  • Gained opportunities to work and collaborate with Yoga Journal + YogiApproved.

  • Differentiated my signature offerings.

  • Own a beautiful, full-time business in the yoga industry + achieved financial freedom.