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Do you have a million ideas spinning around in your mind and feel overwhelmed on where to begin because you don't have the foundation to your business built on crystalizing your messaging, defining your niche that aligns with your true essence and honing in on your ideal client of who you feel called to serve + work with??

I would be lying to you if I said I never invested in programs, courses, etc. and still struggled to find my niche and ideal clients. What I’ve learned along the way is that it is very challenging to move to the next steps in your business when you don’t have a solid foundation + strategy to streamline and share your offerings in a way that provides a solution to your ideal clients.

Is this you?

This is what I focus on when I work 1:1 with my tribe. Once the foundation to your business is crystallized, it’s super easy to plug into your website and announce that you are open for business. We then move onto creating your on-brand opt-ins that align with your niche to serve + build your tribe. We continue to build your online presence by creating your signature offerings and high-level programs for your ideal clients.

With strategy, action- steps, intention + accountability — building your dream business that aligns with your true essence is 100% possible to achieve

I want to kindly remind you that you are never given anything you cannot handle. Committing to your goals and action-steps starts with you - continuing to build upon your business + brand and move through limiting beliefs and blockages is where accountability, coaching and mentoring comes into play.

Ready to dive deeper?

You know where you are on your journey, and you probably know where you want to go. The only thing left is HOW you are going to get there.

Release the overwhelm + confusion. Gain the A-Z steps (customized specifically for YOU!) to launch, grow + scale your authentic yoga career.

A 12 week Mentorship Experience to clarifying your vision, staying accountable to your goals + launching your yoga business + brand of your dreams in 90 days!

During our 12 weeks together, I will guide you through blockages in your business + personal life, avoid overwhelm + burnout, intentionally design your authentic brand + powerful message, set attainable goals to land yoga jobs, private/corporate clients, host sold out yoga retreats + workshops, launch or refine your website, create your signature opt-in + offerings, and streamline your yoga business to allow success, wealth + abundance into your life.

I can’t wait to help you curate and craft the yoga business + brand that is an expression of who you truly are!

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Calling in Entrepreneur -Spirited Yoga Teachers with a Vision!

The 12 week Mentorship Experience Includes:

  • SIX - 1 hour Private Customized Mentor Calls

  • WEEKLY Accountability Email Check-ins

  • Unlimited access to Kelly during the 12-week program for support, connection + more through WhatsApp (during open office hours).

  • All 3 Interactive Workbook Resource Bundles

(Limited to 5 spaces so Kelly can give you her undivided attention + support.)

Now enrolling! The Mentorship Experience begins Monday, November 4th!

Move past the scarcity mindset + learn how to go from unknown to a highly sought after yoga teacher + wellness expert.

You may be thinking..

Girlfriend, how can you hold me accountable??

Like you, I had powerful and profitable ideas but I didn’t move forward with them because I thought I could do it all on my own. I was also ashamed of having limiting beliefs and fear hold me back - more times than I can count on one hand. I knew what I wanted to do but I didn’t know HOW to get from point A-Z. I was making “steps” towards my goals for MONTHS but wasn’t gaining the results or the paychecks I was seeking. And to be honest, I was super tired of getting ‘paid’ in yoga leggings rather than actual dollars.

Wanna know my secret?!

It wasn’t until I was ready to invest in myself and my business, when KPY took a turn in the RIGHT direction. I began to work with my business coach and I cannot tell you how much more abundance, clarity + financial freedom I have received in my business, personally and spiritually until I had someone in my corner to provide me with the insight, pinpoint the action-steps, and hold me accountable on achieving my goals.

I know you have a powerful message to share with the world. You know you are meant for more + are ready to let go of group classes or studios that are weighing you down or holding you back from your true business goals. Your dreams + visions of your successful yoga business are closer than you think! Let’s do it together!

Ready to move past fear, own your worth and take the next steps to create, grow or scale your yoga business?
I can’t wait to teach you how to elevate your yoga business in a scalable way by also avoiding the overwhelm + burn out.

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Feeling like you would love to work together but it’s not the right time for you to commit to a 12 week experience?

Hey, I’m Kelly!

Marketing with Intention Free Workshop.jpg

These are the things I am most proud of accomplishing in my yoga business over the last 5 years!

  • Led sold out International Yoga Retreats to Columbia + Costa Rica.

  • Grew a large + loyal social media following.

  • First yoga instructor to create, lead + model in my very own collection Tight + Toned II for Asana Rebel.

  • Booked 5k fitness modeling gig.

  • Gained opportunities to work and collaborate with Yoga Journal + YogiApproved.

  • Differentiated my signature offerings.

  • Own a beautiful, full-time business in the yoga industry + achieved financial freedom.