Power Up Session

Many of us believe that we don’t choose our life, it gets chosen for us OR that where we are in life, is as good as it’s gonna get. Our lives consist of moving through the motions of day-to-day without putting ourselves #1 on our priority list, without creating rituals + routines to check in true desires or set future goals or visions for where we want to go - feeling somewhat content, somewhat lost, somewhat floating just to get by.  

But deep down, you know there’s something more.  

We often forget that we are the ones who are in control of our own life path. We are the ones who can choose to make a change, to surround ourselves with people who lift us up, to flip the script on our inner self talk, to gain emotional freedom, to live as our truest most authentic selves. To positively impact the world, as well as our own lives.

Are you seeking to

  • Feel connected to yourself.

  • Find true balance in your life and get un-stuck.

  • Stop letting inner negative thoughts take over. 

  • Build the foundation to your yoga practice 

  • Learn tools + techniques to conquer anxiety, stress, overwhelm and master your mindset. 

  • Unblock stuck energy in your body to allow you to move forward with your life

  • Let go of what other people think about you

Work 1:1 with Kelly to connect back to your center + reclaim your inner power through yoga, mindfulness techniques + reiki!

Whether you’re near or far the Power Up Session is for you. Schedule your session in Kelly’s sacred yoga space in Pottstown, PA or virtually in the comfort of your own home!

Session Includes:

  • Soul check in + customized tools to nourish your soul + fill your cup back up

  • 1:1 customized yoga flow, movement + mantra designed to accomplish your health/wellness goals

  • Reiki + Energy Cleansing to recharge, rebalance + recalibrate yourself.

Imagine what it would feel like to:

power up session .png
  • Rediscover your inner + outer strength

  • Gain balance to realign your mind, body + soul.

  • Achieve flexibility + mobility on and off the mat

  • Feel comfortable and confident in your body

  • Achieve personal health + wellness goals

  • Learn tools + techniques to regain peace and calm in your life, de-stress + master your mindset.

  • Reclaim your power to take control of your life as well as your reality!

Empower yourself to begin or deepen your relationship with yourself by a Power Up Session today!