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Studio Locations

Monday 9:30 AM @ Nectar Yoga Studio

Monday 6:00 pm @ CoreFit Training Studio

Tuesday 6:00 am @ DASH Fitness Studio

Tuesday 4:30 & 6:15 pm@ Nectar Yoga Studio 

Wednesday 9:15 am @ CoreFit

Wednesday 2:30 pm @ West Chester University

Thursday 4:30 & 6:30 pm @ CoreFit

I used to feel power-less. Out of balance, overwhelmed and felt disconnected from my body + my truth.

Yoga was the gateway for me to build a foundational practice to value myself, to remember how powerful I am, to get in touch with my inner confidence + conviction and remembering that I am the author of my own life story. Yoga taught me that I WAS IN CONTROL.

This is why I am so passionate about teaching others to build a foundation to their yoga practice so they can take that inner strength off the mat and into the world.

You have the power. You are stronger than you realize.

Where you are in your practice is exactly where you are meant to be.

I can’t wait to see where your practice takes you!
You are in control of creating your own reality. You got this!

Hey! Click the button below if you would like me to walk you through a step-by- step guide to getting started in building a strong foundation to your yoga practice!

Specialized in Private Yoga Instruction  

I have a sacred yoga space in my home + offer virtual sessions in the comfort of your own home . Let’s get your practice started today! Contact me for my signature Power Up Session, Customized Group Event, Corporate yoga or Reiki Session!

Own Your Power Program

4-Class Program with YogiApproved + YAClasses

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Check out my new program!

Together let’s harness your inner badass!

Pushing ourselves past our comfort zone is when the magic happens. This is where you discover your inner and outer strength, move past limiting beliefs, and OWN your power. This program is challenging! All classes include creative, invigorating power flows that work towards a peak arm balance and inversion. You will flow through strengthening exercises and deep stretches to build full body strength, flexibility and mobility to build your foundation for advanced asanas. Each class opens with an empowering and uplifting mantra to enter you into a mindset of inner and outer strength. Step onto your mat and OWN YOUR POWER.

Flexibility & Mobility Program

with Yogi Approved


Gain full body flexibility + mobility!

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In this program, you will work through a series of six videos to gain full body flexibility and mobility. Each video targets a key part of the body – from the shoulders, chest and spine, to the wrists, hips, hamstrings and more. Each video is uniquely designed for you to first learn a series of poses and exercises that target either flexibility and/or mobility in a specific area of the body. Then you'll practice yoga poses that are meant to help you gauge your progress.


“If you're looking for a yoga class that pushes your limits and empowers your soul, Kelly is your girl! Her loving spirit is contagious, and there is no doubt, you will have a "yogi high" when you leave her practice!” - Nikki S.

“Kelly inspires and motivates through compassion, authenticity strength, and with a dose of appreciated humor! In my time getting to know her and her teaching, Kelly’s passion for yoga and sharing it with others definitely shines through. She is very skilled in her approach and gives beautiful demonstrations to further inspire. She embodies a very healing and intuitive touch within her adjustments, creating space for students to deepen their experience. I was fortunate enough to have attended one of her yoga retreats in Colombia, which was an immensely fulfilling opportunity from beginning to end. On and beyond the mat, Kelly is a very nurturing, kind, and confident spirit. These attributes really invited me to feel safe and cared for in her presence. And as a fellow teacher myself, I can speak to her rich knowledge of asana, yoga philosophy, and the intelligent sequencing that she integrates within her practice. She has an art for creative fluidity in her guidance and you will surely leave curious to explore more. Thank you Kelly for your beaming love and light! - Koren k.

“Kelly’s Yoga classes are so empowering and a blast! She always finds a way to sprinkle her humor into her classes. She is just a joy to be around and emits such a positive energy! She is so knowledgeable about yoga and it is clear to see by her creative flows and dedicated practice. Thank you Kelly for inspiring us all! I’d definitely recommend checking out one of Kelly’s classes!” - Rosie C.

“Kelly is an excellent yoga instructor. She has a way of helping you let go of your day and just “be” in the space you’re in. She encourages you to do as much or as little as your body is feeling. Also for fun, she likes to challenge us with inversions. I highly recommend taking one of her classes.” - Susan M.

“Kelly's classes are the perfect mix of power and restoration. You leave feeling challenged and sweaty but not wiped. She is a wonderful instructor - easy to follow and available if needed. Love her and her classes!” - Susan g.

“Doing Yoga with Kelly is really amazing. She is very personable , hands on and best of all exhibits patience with nice demonstration of the stances. Every class is different and rewarding with Kelly. I always look forward to attend Kelly's class. Thank you for being with us at Corefit!” - Sujana

“Practicing yoga with Kelly is an innately soothing process. She allows you to go at your own pace, but offers challenges and encouragement along the way so that you can learn to test your boundaries safely. For some reason, it just seems easier to relax into the more challenging aspects of the practice when Kelly is there to guide you. She's very approachable, sincere, and creates a welcoming atmosphere. Love her use of essential oils too!!!” - Brandi K.

“I took a hot yoga class with Kelly last week and absolutely loved it, she's awesome! I felt very grounded and relaxed while empowered to try new poses!” - Whitney W.

Please feel free to share a few words from any experience you've had with Kelly!

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