Arm balance/inversion workshop: part 2!

arm balance/inversion

empower your arm balancing!

Saturday, April 21st @11;00 am

Join kelly on Saturday, April 21st at Corefit from 11-1pm to empower your arm balancing!

If you did not make it to the first workshop, not a problem or a requirement for part two! Begin or deepen your arm balance practice by moving past fear, owning your power/strength and taking flight! We will flow through even more exercises targeted to gain strength in your shoulders, arms, and core. Kelly will guide you through popular arm balancing poses and add on more advanced arm balances of your choice!

We had many requests for inversions in the first workshop and will have more time to dive deeper into the concept & breakdown of inversions in part two! Each arm balance/inversion pose will be broken down to make the asana accessible for you and where you are in your unique practice! You will learn proper chaturanga form, exercises to strengthen main muscles used in arm balances/inversions, guided breakdown of requested arm balances/inversions, and how to move past fear and take flight!

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