work with Kelly

Social media influencer/brand advocate

expand the message, attraction + engagement of your brand through enthusiastic + authentic social media partnerships with kelly. 

connect with me on @kellypenderyoga

Private/corporate yoga instructor

receive one-on-one and/or group yoga guidance in the comfort of your own home or office! you will gain the knowledge of proper alignment, breathing techniques, and mind, body + soul connection. empower yourself to begin or deepen your yoga practice!


Kelly collaborates with brands and offers modeling for marketing campaigns, social media collaborations, etc. She has worked with mika yoga Wear, sovifit, crunchmaster, yoga journal + more. See her work below! 

online marketing/social media consulting

considering taking your business into the social media/marketing world and not sure where to begin? Kelly meets with you via phone or in person to discuss the mission, vision, target market + goals of your company. She then customizes a plan for you through social media marketing campaigns, creative marketing outreach + tapping into the needs of your specific target market through various channels. You will then require the skill set to be able to Develop, curate + manage relevant content topics to reach your company's target customers - OR you have the option to continue working with kelly and she will manage your company's social media marketing day-to-day activities.

Check out Kelly's most recent commercial with Yoga Journal!