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Kelly Pender is an International Yoga Instructor, Retreat Coordinator, fitness model & reiki ii Practitioner.  She creates an open community vibe within her classes. Inspiring students’ true purpose, true sense of self, and empowering their own path as she continues to inspire and empower her own.  She believes in listening to the body, honoring the Self, and nourishing needs, both on and off the mat. Her creative flows, mixed with her healing asanas, and self-empowered mantras & meditations cultivate greater vitality and health from within. 

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Whether you’re looking to deepen your yoga practice or tone your biceps, triceps, shoulders + core . . . this book is for you!

“This book is just what I needed for my practice! I had been struggling with getting into inversions and this book has showed me what I was missing in my practice was the foundation and strength to get there. There are so many beneficial exercises that focus on just that. Kelly has a beautiful way of breaking things down and you find yourself right where you need to be, at the foundation of it all. I highly recommend this book to anyone on their journey. Thank  you so much Kelly! Namaste.” - Dana D.

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#BYFBOOK Build Your Foundation: Take Flight!

Over 40 exercises to build your foundation for arm balances + inversions. Instructional photos, hip/hamstring openers, empowering mantras, wrist + shoulder cool downs! Plus inspiring quotes woven throughout!



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