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Back in 2013 I remember searching for something, really anything. I was working in an industry that I liked, but not in a job that fueled my passions. I was just there to make ends meet and pay the bills. I was not fulfilled and almost felt like a failure because I didn’t have this grand plan for myself. A Yoga Teacher Training Program randomly came my way that fit perfectly with my work schedule. During my 6 month long practice + training, I found my voice again.

I was supported by my peers and spoke my truth, experiences + personal struggles without judgement.  I felt empowered and realized that I was in control of creating the life I wanted for myself.


A huge shift happened for me and I began to lead my life with passion, intention + trust rather than fear + lack.  Since then, Kelly has been Inspiring students’ true purpose, true sense of self, and empowering their own path as she continues to inspire and empower her own.  Through yoga, mindset coaching + business mentoring, Kelly guides you into reclaiming your inner strength + power.  You are in control of creating your own reality.

Her teaching + talent has been featured and showcased in Yoga Journal, YogiApproved, and she became the first Yoga Instructor to create her very own workout collection with Asana Rebel. When she’s not teaching or mentoring yoga teacher entrepreneurs, you can find her on the couch watching trash tv with her dog (trust us, Indie actually watches it too!).

Kelly Pender is a 200 E-RYT International Yoga Instructor, Business Mentor + Mindset Coach, Reiki II Practitioner, Fitness Model + graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration.

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